Welcome to the Cornell ECE Wiki. This wiki is intended to provide a resource for choosing courses in Cornell's ECE department. This wiki is still in the early stages of development so do not hesitate to add and modify course pages!

Featured CoursesEdit

2000's Edit

ECE 2100 - Introduction to Circuits

ECE 2200 - Signals and Information

ECE 2300 - Digital Logic and Computer Organization

3000's Edit

ECE 3030 - Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

ECE 3100 - Introduction to Probability and Inference for Random Signals and Systems

ECE 3140 - Embedded Systems

ECE 3150 - Introduction to Microelectronics

ECE 3250 - Mathematics of Signals and System Analysis

ECE 3400 - ECE Practice and Design

ECE 3530 - Introduction to Systems and Synthetic Biology

ECE 3600 - Ethical Issues in Engineering Practice

4000's Edit

ECE 4070 - Physics of Semiconductors and Nanostructures

ECE 4110 - Random Signals in Communications and Signal Processing

ECE 4130 - Introduction to Nuclear Science and Engineering

ECE 4150 - GPS: Theory and Design

ECE 4210 - Art Support Analysis Algorithms

ECE 4250 - Digital Signal and Image Processing

ECE 4300 - Lasers and Optoelectronics

ECE 4320 - MicroElectro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

ECE 4330 - Microwave Theory, Devices, and Applications

ECE 4340 - Power Semiconductor Devices

ECE 4360 - Nanofabrication for Integrated Circuits

ECE 4370 - Fiber and Integrated Optics

ECE 4450 - Computer Networks and Telecommunication

ECE 4510 - Electric Power Systems I

ECE 4520 - Operation and Optimization of the Power Grid

ECE 4530 - Analog Integrated Circuit Design

ECE 4570 - Silicon Device Fundamentals

ECE 4580 - Electrical Consequences of Material Defects

ECE 4670 - Introduction to Digital Communication

ECE 4730 - Digital Feedback Control

ECE 4740 - Digital VLSI Design

ECE 4750 - Computer Architecture

ECE 4760 - Digital Design Using Microcontrollers

ECE 4800 - Optimal System Analysis and Design

ECE 4840 - Introduction to Controlled Fusion: Principles and Technology

ECE 4870 - Introduction to Radar Remote Sensing

ECE 4910 - Principles of Neurophysiology

5000's Edit

Eces can do everything

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